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About Celeste

I am a mother, a foster mom and I have been a nurse for over 20 years. Being a nurse was and is a calling to reduce suffering through compassionate care and service, to work to improve lives. Through my work as a nurse practitioner, I met children entering the foster care system and felt led to become a foster parent because all children deserve love and stability and I saw an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.  Those children have certainly made a profound impact in my own life.  Nurses are advocates and collaborators and I hope to bring these skills to Little Rock. In my years working in healthcare I have worked with a diverse group of people but we put what divided us aside in order to do the best thing for our patients. It is this sense of purpose, doing what is best for the community no matter our difference that will help me work across the aisle to make the lives of all Arkansans better.  I  believe we all want the same things, quality education, access to affordable healthcare, job opportunities, good infrastructure, a functional democracy, clean water, safe spaces for our children and an opportunity to enjoy our beautiful state. These should not be partisan issues.

While one on one relationships in my practice are cherished and make a difference in the lives of individuals, I want to bring the voices of my community and their needs to our state government in Little Rock. This is an opportunity to improve the lives of many at once and return to my original calling, improving the lives of people through compassion and service. I want to represent the working family, children, and the aging members of our community who paved the way before us, because life at all stages has value and worth. I believe that each person should be given dignity and the best opportunity for success. I will fight for the people, not the political party.  I will bring my dedication to service, compassion, and collaborative skills to the Arkansas House of Representatives. I will represent every member of our community to the best of my ability.  I am asking for your support and I am asking for your vote.

Committee to Elect Celeste Williams
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